A lot’s happened over the last year – I’ve been working at Tin Man Games since April 2015, coding their biggest project yet. Tin Man is located in a Melbourne co-working space called The Arcade, and it’s been absolutely amazing to be there, getting to know the best local people in game dev.

Courtesy of the GDAA, I’m heading over to San Francisco in a couple of days to attend GDC and meet many more excellent people. Really looking forward to this.

I also started going by a different name a few months ago, and the people in the industry here have been so incredibly good and welcoming about it. After having worked at a cinema for a long time, it’s been great working in a place where I can completely be myself.

Hair’s currently blue and pink, so look for that if you wanna catch up at GDC :)

Games are up

So I’m about to complete my games programming degree. Three exams to go and it’s over. It’s been fun. This year I took artificial intelligence and Java/Android development as electives, which proved to be pretty time-consuming but well worthwhile.

I’ve put up a page for some of the game projects I’ve worked on at uni this year. Three are playable now; the newest (Ithir) is still a work in progress, but that will be playable at this year’s RMIT grad show on November 25. There will be a ton of great games from this year’s graduates on show, so check it out if you can!

I plan to spend the next few months working on some personal projects that I just haven’t had time for during full-time uni (plus working two jobs). Other than that, time to relax.

DERAILED is out! For free!

The latest build of my game Derailed is online, finally. This is the one we demoed at AVCon in Adelaide (in the Indie Games Room) over the weekend. It’s also available at Aspen’s site. Needs two or more players, with Xbox/Xinput gamepads. It’s a fairly simple multiplayer party game (think Super Smash Bros or Towerfall) and quite rough around the edges still, but we are pretty happy with it for a single-semester student project.

AVCon was a blast, and it was nice to finally see Adelaide and meet some of the organisers and local game developers there. Aspen and I learnt a lot about our own game from watching people play (as well as discovering a bunch of heretofore unknown bugs, many of which we fixed for the second day of the show). It was most popular among kids around 12 years of age or so. Wishing the rest of our team (Reuben, Mandy, Sara) could have been there to see so many people give it a go and have fun.

Our next game is going to be something completely different…

Long-overdue update

So I’m in Adelaide, about to exhibit a game in the Indie Games Room at AVCon – Derailed. This was a third-year, single-semester game project for uni that I made with four teammates. Aspen’s here with me for the convention and will be up on stage tomorrow showing off the game. It’s our first time exhibiting anything anywhere other than in class presentations. Should be fun.

Over the last few months Aspen and I have made three or four other games together for uni, which you can find here or at her site. I also worked on a small action/RPG-style game with another team, where I focused on procedural content generation (meshes, textures and level layout).

Next semester’s major project is shaping up to be a unique kind of procedural roguelike, which I’m looking forward to a lot.

Third year

Recently started my final year in games programming at RMIT, and currently working on three team game projects there: a local multiplayer battle on rails, a top-down hex-grid procedural spellcasting thing, and a board game with a metro train map theme. All going well so far, though I wish I were at GDC with all the cool kids. I will update this site soon with much more content.

Freeplay 2013

Had a wonderful time at this year’s Freeplay festival/conference. I ended up being a hastily-organised volunteer, covering the Saturday panels, arcade space and party as a photographer, which resulted in taking more photos in a single day than I ever had before (700+). There were several interesting, funny and thought-provoking talks, some from good friends, and I met a bunch of cool people from all over the place. Looking forward to GCAP later this month.

Point distance visualiser (Python)

A tool/toy that generates a random set of points in 3D space and draws links between them, with colour depending on direction and brightness depending on proximity. Can be rotated in 3D. Wrote this for kicks in an Algorithms & Analysis class after the lecturer started talking about graph link weights. Requires PyGame. Runs in Python 2.7 or 3.
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Stereographic image converter (Python)

A simple tool that converts images with a rectilinear projection (ordinary photos, game screenshots etc) to a stereographic (angle-preserving) projection, and displays the result. My first attempt at an image manipulation tool, now a guinea pig for displaying code on a website. Requires the scipy and matplotlib packages. Takes two arguments: source image filename and source image horizontal field-of-view in degrees.

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New site

It’s been a while (eight years..?) since I had an active website, but there’s an increasing number of things I wish I had a spot to put online, so here we are! For now this will primarily be a repository of sorts for coding/creative things, plus blog posts on similar matters. Still sorting out the design and such.

I’m about a month into going cold turkey off energy drinks, so please forgive any sleepy incoherence :)