Point distance visualiser (Python)

A tool/toy that generates a random set of points in 3D space and draws links between them, with colour depending on direction and brightness depending on proximity. Can be rotated in 3D. Wrote this for kicks in an Algorithms & Analysis class after the lecturer started talking about graph link weights. Requires PyGame. Runs in Python 2.7 or 3.
Source: closestpoints.py
(Requires vec2.py)
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Stereographic image converter (Python)

A simple tool that converts images with a rectilinear projection (ordinary photos, game screenshots etc) to a stereographic (angle-preserving) projection, and displays the result. My first attempt at an image manipulation tool, now a guinea pig for displaying code on a website. Requires the scipy and matplotlib packages. Takes two arguments: source image filename and source image horizontal field-of-view in degrees.
Source: stereo_img.py

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New site

It’s been a while (eight years..?) since I had an active website, but there’s an increasing number of things I wish I had a spot to put online, so here we are! For now this will primarily be a repository of sorts for coding/creative things, plus blog posts on similar matters.┬áStill sorting out the design and such.

I’m about a month into going cold turkey off energy drinks, so please forgive any sleepy incoherence :)