DERAILED is out! For free!

The latest build of my game Derailed is online, finally. This is the one we demoed at AVCon in Adelaide (in the Indie Games Room) over the weekend. It’s also available at Aspen’s site. Needs two or more players, with Xbox/Xinput gamepads. It’s a fairly simple multiplayer party game (think Super Smash Bros or Towerfall) and quite rough around the edges still, but we are pretty happy with it for a single-semester student project.

AVCon was a blast, and it was nice to finally see Adelaide and meet some of the organisers and local game developers there. Aspen and I learnt a lot about our own game from watching people play (as well as discovering a bunch of heretofore unknown bugs, many of which we fixed for the second day of the show). It was most popular among kids around 12 years of age or so. Wishing the rest of our team (Reuben, Mandy, Sara) could have been there to see so many people give it a go and have fun.

Our next game is going to be something completely different…

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