Status update

It’s come to my attention that people do visit this site occasionally, so I’m giving it a once-over in preparation for putting more stuff online!

I’ve been working at Mighty Games Group for just over a year now, maintaining Shooty Skies and building fun prototypes. We recently launched the Steam port of Shooty Skies and that’s gone pretty well. It’s a great team and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now.

In my spare time I’ve been working on-off on a racing/shooter/hoverbike game. Been taking a break for a few months, so don’t expect anything playable for a while. I put a lot of work into the terrain editor for this game, and learnt a lot about writing Unity editor tools. I wrote a blog post detailing the algorithms last year but never got around to putting screenshots and links in for publishing… perhaps sometime soon ;)

I’m also still working occasionally on weekend projects; just little experiments to tide me over and satisfy curiosity. Such as this silly life-mapping toy I put together recently. I’m currently (re-)learning how to use web technologies so I can share things more easily than I can with Unity projects, and also build multi-user things that require simple servers to run. Having a lot of fun poking around with node.js this weekend. I want to be better at actually publishing things I do instead of just tweeting a couple of pictures and saying “I did a thing”; the aforementioned toy is the first thing I’ve made properly available since university, really. Other things I want to improve at include shader programming and building apps – I have a life-tracking app I’ve been slowly putting together for a while. So much to learn!

More updates forthcoming.

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